Busy TikTok mom captures her whole day in under 2 minutes

This mom on TikTok gave people a peek into her jam-packed daily life as a parent of 2 and shared some genius parenting hacks along the way, prompting viewers to express their appreciation for parents everywhere!

TikToker Sabriena Abrre (@sabrienaandizzy) is a parent and vlogger who often shares home videos with her husband, Izzy, and their two daughters. Recently, Abrre posted a 2-minute clip where she takes viewers through a day in her life with her two daughters, and viewers have nothing but respect for this supermom. 


Today was our last full day in Utah so we had to mini vlog it🥺💗 We can’t wait to get home to Izzy! #momtok #miniog #minivlogaesthetic #2under2 #sahmlife #vacationvlog

♬ love nwantinti (ah ah ah) – CKay

The clip begins with an early morning shot of Abrre snuggling with one of her daughters. She starts the day by brushing her teeth and washing her face, before combing her hair back into a “sleek pony, always.” 

Meanwhile, Abrre’s adorable daughter brushes her hair, barely able to peek over the bathroom sink. 

After some dizzying footage of Abrre folding laundry, her youngest daughter wakes up before her big sister greets her. 

Abrre then gets dressed in a pair of high-waisted acid-wash jeans and a sleeveless knit white t-shirt. With many hugs and kisses throughout, she helps her daughters get dressed in matching pink and gray tracksuits before fixing their hair.

The clip cuts to a shot of Abrre sitting in the driver’s seat of her car while her kids sit in the backseat. 

Abrre then starts applying her makeup in the car, explaining that since they’re staying with a relative, she does her makeup in the car before they leave for someplace to prevent her kids from running wild in someone else’s home. 

Their day continues with a trip to the local park followed by McDonald’s Happy Meals and a thrifting excursion. 

Back at home, the kids nap while Abrre shows her mom her haul of cute clothes for the kids and a blazer for herself. 

After work, play, and dinnertime, the kids take a bath while Abrre washes up, so she can keep an eye on them. 

The kids then get in their pajamas and brush their teeth before both the day and video ends with storytime and bedtime. 

Viewers were impressed by how many activities Abrre packed in a day with two children under two years old. 

“I was tired from watching the video. You’re Wonder Woman,” joked one user. 

“She takes good care of those little angels, very beautiful family,” one TikToker complimented. 

“I am so proud of mothers everywhere! Thanks for everything,” said another viewer. 

As demonstrated in her video, Abrre seems to have daily routines down to an art form.

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