Mom’s powerfully real TikTok captures ‘one of those days’: ‘Today was a rough day’

This TikToker shared a relatable video showing how hard parenting can be, especially when your little one is having a rough day!

Angel Danielle (@angeldanielle4) is a mom, artist, and healthcare professional who shares videos about her life and family. Angel loves sharing videos of her adorable toddler son, whom she adores. But Angel also occasionally shares some of her more difficult parenting moments. In one emotional and relatable video, Angel shared how exhausting it can be to care for her son when he’s having a rough day. 

The video begins with a shot of Angel holding her toddler son in her arms. The toddler presses his face into his mom’s shoulder and looks peaceful. But then, the moment Angel tries to put him down, he becomes distressed. 

“I’ve got to put you down. Mommy’s gotta go potty,” Angel tells her son as she attempts to place him on the floor. 

“Today was a rough day,” the tired mom explains in a caption.

The moment Angel tries to put her son down, he begins to squirm and cry. “I have to go to the bathroom,” Angel says, as her son reaches for her. 

Angel kisses her son on the head and tells him, “You’re okay.” But the toddler won’t stop crying. 

“Okay, I’m going to put you down,” Angel says as she places her son on the floor. The toddler begins to scream and grab for his mom. 

“This happened for 3 hours straight,” a caption reads. 

Angel tries to calm her son down, but he is inconsolable. Finally, she beckons to him and tells him to come with her to the bathroom, but the toddler refuses to move. 

“I tried everything to comfort him,” Angel explains in a caption, as she picks her son up again and gently pats his back. “The only thing that worked was me holding him.” 

The moment the toddler is back in Angel’s arms he calms down and stops crying. He leans his head back against his mom’s shoulder as Angel looks into the camera and sighs. “Being a mom is the most rewarding and beautiful thing that life has to offer,” she writes. “But some days are really hard.”

Viewers shared their own tips and experiences in the comments section.

“Breathe, it’s okay, momma! One day he won’t want you to hold him and you will miss this! That’s what I tell myself when my little [one] is the same way,” wrote one parent

“You’re truly his safe space,” commented another TikToker

“Please take some time for yourself even if they cry for 5 minutes. It helps them self-regulate and they know they can’t just cry and be picked up,” suggested another viewer. 

While being a parent can be an incredibly rewarding experience, Angel’s video shows that parenting also has its difficult days!

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