Mom captures things her toddler says that she ‘doesn’t want to stop’: ‘You’re gonna love this video for forever’

They grow up so fast. But it never gets any easier for parents…

Little Stevie of the Pior Fam on TikTok is turning 2 years old this September. That means she might be growing out of a certain phase in her life soon. For mom, it means Stevie might leave behind some of the most adorable, special habits. The mother documented some of these quirks in the video “Things my toddler says that I don’t want to stop.” 


I might cry when she stops saying “I’m satisfive”

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The first one was Stevie slowly making her way downstairs, saying, “Comin’ down the stairs, mum. Be patient.” 

“Be patient” was a phrase the little one frequently used. But not quite as much as she said, “I’m satisfive” instead of “satisfied” or “duwty” instead of “dirty.”

“No plumps. Sally the Camel has no plumps,” Stevie sang instead of “humps.” 

The mom ended the video with the toddler softly asking, “Wasshasthow?” What that means… well, it’s likely up for interpretation. 

“Ohhh… you’re gonna love this video for forever. I wish I had documented my little saying ‘eyebrowns’ because I miss it too much,” a TikToker replied

“She has such main character energy. This is Stevie’s world, and we’re just living in it,” a person commented

“My youngest called refried beans ‘Friday beans,’ and it was my favorite thing,” another added

“I loved it when my daughter was this age. Your kids are adorable,” someone wrote

“I was shattered when my daughter stopped saying ‘lello’ instead of yellow,” a user said

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