Pregnant mom accidentally records baby ‘dropping’ on camera in shocking TikTok footage

This pregnant mom had no clue she was going to capture her baby “dropping” down in her belly, and the shockingly candid footage is making waves across TikTok.

TikToker Nabrina (@nabby.nabs) is a busy parent and content creator who recently gained over 6 million views when she shared the awe-inspiring moment.

Now, much like the 15-year-old who had no idea his mom was recording when he went into his baby sister’s room at 1 a.m., the candid footage is going viral.

The clip, which has over 6 million views, begins with the words “Caught the beginning of my drop on camera,” typed over footage of Nabrina facing the camera while wearing black leggings and a sports bra and showing off her pregnant belly

As Nabrina places one hand on her baby bump, an on-screen arrow highlights how her belly starts to drop and extend over the waistline of her leggings.  

Surprised, Nabrina can’t help but say “Whoa” before looking down at her stomach to check to see if anything’s different. 

The video closes with a photo taken 48 hours later, showing Nabrina’s huge belly, which has drastically dropped since the prior footage. 

According to WebMD, this “drop” happens when the baby’s head moves down to the pelvis in a process known as “engagement.”

Many viewers were amazed by the incredible footage.

“I didn’t know it really was a visible transition (until the obvious). This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing,” gushed one user. 

“And you NEVER forget that feeling. My daughter is 6 and watching this video, I still know EXACTLY how that felt. Girl, I felt your ‘whoa’ haha,” one parent shared. 

Others were slightly dumbfounded by the video and had no idea this was something that occurs during pregnancy.

“Every day, I’m reaffirmed that pregnancy is not for me,” one viewer noted. 

“I swear I didn’t know this was a physical thing. Pregnancy is wild,” said one TikToker with a string of shocked emojis.

While “dropping” or engagement is a regular occurrence during pregnancy, it’s incredible that Nabrina was able to capture the moment on film!

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