‘This is a huge fire hazard’: Mom makes shocking discovery when she uses a drill to clean dryer vent

A mom is going viral for uncovering a dangerous fire hazard lurking inside her walls, and TikTokers everywhere are shocked.

TikToker and mom of 4, Lulu Suberville (@thecrackedandcrazy), gained over 10M collective views when she posted a series of videos about her blocked-up dryer vent.

It all started when Lulu received an error message on her brand-new dryer. She had experienced issues in the past with her old dryer not drying her clothes so she bought a new one.

But when the new dryer also stopped drying her clothes and displayed a “blocked vent” message, she knew something was wrong. That’s when she decided to investigate her dryer vent.

But Lulu’s cleaning expedition didn’t stop there. When a TikTok comment recommended she attach her vent brush to a drill, she decided to tackle her vent again — revealing even more dangerous lint!

However, she was careful to specify that your drill should be set to go clockwise, not reverse.

But Lulu still wasn’t done! After cleaning out her vent with the drill, she went to her garage and got a leaf blower — exposing even more danger in her vent!

As Lulu explains in one of her videos, she and her family had just purchased this house, and it was clear the previous owners had never given their vent a thorough cleaning.

But now, thanks to her deep-clean, Lulu’s house is much safer!

According to duct experts, your dryer vents should be cleaned at least once per year — if not by you, then by a professional vent cleaning company.

‘PLEASE clean your vents!!!’

TikTokers were shocked by Lulu’s videos, as made evident by their thousands upon thousands of comments.

“I almost sneezed just looking at that…” one user wrote.

“My dryer used to take 3 hours to dry my clothes, so I got this vent cleaning brush and it worked, thanks to your video,” another user commented.

“I can’t keep up with all of the things TikTok has told me I need to clean that I never needed to clean before,” joked another user.

“PLEASE clean your vents!!! So many house fires are because of dryer fires. It’s awful. Stay safe, guys!” pleaded one user.

“We did this a few weeks ago and sooooo much came out, and now our clothes dry in half the time,” shared another user.

Thanks to Lulu’s deep-cleaning videos, TikTokers around the world might be breathing a little more easily, knowing their dryer vents aren’t posing a dangerous fire hazard!

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