Mom concerned by teenage daughter’s extreme new obsession: ‘I’ve reached my boiling point’

A woman is concerned about her 16-year-old daughter’s obsession with the television series Supernatural. 

The fed-up mother took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” after it caused a rift in their relationship. The issue is the teen was unsatisfied with the show’s series finale and has talked about her disappointment endlessly for five months. But when the mother made a flippant comment, it didn’t make the situation any better. 

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“My daughter has been obsessed with the TV show Supernatural since she was about 11 (note, I do not recommend letting your child watch the show that young I didn’t know how bad it was at the time),” the Reddit poster said. “And as the show has since ended, she’s been really upset about it. She hated the finale, which I think most of the watchers did. Before now I’ve really indulged her interest, took her to a couple of conventions, but she’s seriously becoming too much now. I can’t have a single conversation with her without it somehow ending up with her talking about how much she hated and how badly the characters were treated. I understand she’s upset, but this is like month five of it now.” 

The mom decided to directly address the situation with her daughter, but it didn’t go over well. 

“I’ve reached my boiling point and told her to stop letting it control her every conversation because no one will want to talk to her,” the mother wrote. “She confessed that she’s been talking to me so much because her friends don’t want to talk about the show anymore. I instantly regretted my words and apologized, but they had already stuck. I know I was wrong for saying what I did without talking to her about it first. My daughter is still being a little closed off, and even though I have offered to listen again, she doesn’t want to talk.”

Reddit users didn’t think anyone in the situation was wrong. 

“I think that your daughter is upset at the loss of a long-time hobby, ritual and something that in general makes her happy,” someone commented

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving a show. However, once becomes an obsession and is controlling your life then that is an issue,” another said

“I don’t think your daughter is having such a hard time just because she disliked the ending but more by the fact that it has ended,” a user wrote

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