Mom confesses the ‘petty’ lies she tells her kids: ‘It just makes everything so much easier’

Sometimes it’s better to tell your kids a little white lie than lay down the whole truth.

Mommy TikToker Skye LeFevre has three boys and runs a handbag company. And if one kid can be a handful, then there’s no telling what kind of havoc three can wreak.

LeFevre is going viral for a video she dropped of her “mom tricks.” It includes just a few of the harmless ways she deceives her kids in order to get things done.

“When your kids think juice is supposed to have water added,” LeFevre said snickering at the camera. “And frozen bananas blended in a blender is the same as ‘ice cream.’ And the people in the TV need to go to sleep so we have to turn the TV off.” 

“I have way too many of these,” LeFevre wrote in the caption. 

Parents could totally relate to LeFevre’s methods

The video received 2.6 million views on TikTok — many of which applauded the mom’s white lies.

“The first two, just petty,” one person joked

“It just makes everything so much easier,” another said

“TV one is genius,” a user commented

LeFevre shared another way she strategically switches things up on her kids in a second video

“When it’s been a long day but it’s still an hour away from bedtime,” the mom said as she changed the time on the microwave. 

At the end of the day, a mom has got to do, what a mom has got to do. 

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