Mom convinces TikTok her house is spotless, then reveals the cluttered truth: ‘I’ve been belly laughing on repeat’

One TikTok mom made it seem like she was about to share helpful organizing hacks for kidstoys, only to reveal that her ‘tidy’ house isn’t what it appears to be!


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TikTok mom @peruxican has fooled millions of people with her hilarious video — not only for its impressive execution, but for its powerful relatability.

She starts her video by walking through her seemingly-spotless house and saying, “Some people ask how I keep such a tidy house with two kids.”

“Step one: I only buy enough toys that will fit in that basket,” she says, as she points to a small trunk with a dinosaur-print lid.

“Step two: they are allowed to have a work station, but everything has to stay here,” she continues, gesturing to a tiny kids’ table with neatly arranged workbooks and pencils.

Then, she pivots, panning the camera as she says, “And just like that, there’s no clutter! Follow for more tips!”

But as she says these final lines, her camera reveals the truth: a cluttered corner bursting with kids’ toys and games. The hoard spills over the fireplace hearth and bursts from the seams of an over-stuffed credenza.

The reveal happens so quickly and flawlessly, you almost have to watch the video twice to fully comprehend the subtle joke.

But, judging by the video’s popularity, it’s clear that parents everywhere caught — and loved! — this TikTok mom’s message.

‘You had me for a second…’

Most of the 12.4K comments are parents breathing a sigh of relief.

“At first I was so jealous of your minimalism and now I’ve been belly laughing on repeat. Thank you,” said one comment.

“At first I was like, ‘That’s the friend’s house nobody goes to,'” said another.

“At first I was like, ‘How the hell did I end up on perfect mom TikTok?!?!’ And then I was like, ‘My people!'” said another.

“Deletes aggressive text…” wrote one user. To this, @peruxican wrote back, “I’m so glad you stayed long enough to delete!”

But for some viewers, this TikTok was more than just a funny video; it revealed an internalized parent guilt that many seem to struggle with. “For a second I thought I was a bad parent, but you reminded me I’m normal,” said another.

Other viewers expressed frustration with other parents’ comments. “Why are people so judgmental?? SO WHAT if she was one of those super organized moms. Y’all should be cheering her on no matter what,” said one user.

At the end of the day, this TikTok video reveals one thing: with kids come messes!

And no matter how you choose to tackle that mess — whether it be through Marie Kondo levels of organization, or simply embracing the clutter — all kids truly need is a home filled with love and care.

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