Mom crashes through ceiling as daughter records herself singing on TikTok

Well, that’s one way to end a video.

TikTok user Liz San Millan was recording herself singing when she was interrupted by her mom — but she didn’t just walk through the door, she crashed through the ceiling.

“Live footage of my mom telling me to break a leg,” Millan captioned her video, which features her mother’s leg (and some insulation) hanging through a gaping hole.

She told BuzzFeed News she was preparing to sing “Kindergarten Boyfriend” from “Heathers: The Musical” as practice for upcoming placement auditions for her classes at musical theater school.

Her mom was looking for luggage in the attic in preparation for Millan’s upcoming move to New York when she tripped and fell.

“Right before she fell, you can see the irritation in my face due to her banging around while she knew I was filming,” Millan told BuzzFeed News.

Thankfully, her mother is just fine and not injured at all — not even a scratch. There’s still a hole in the ceiling, but Millan’s father is working to fix it.

Commenters had a field day with the video.

“She didn’t know when she was supposed to come in, give her a break,” one wrote.

“That is the absolute LAST thing I was expecting in this video,” another said.

“You really brought the house down,” a third wrote.

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