Mom cuts up game board boxes for ultimate storage hack: ‘I ordered these 10 seconds after seeing this’

A mom’s space-saving board game hack is being praised on TikTok

TikToker Terena’s account is dedicated to teaching other moms how to improve through systems and mindset. She gives everything from commentary on parenting advice to tutorials, like how to organize a fridge. In one video, Terena showed how to finally get rid of board game clutter.

“Tired of huge and broken game boxes taking up so much space?” she asked. “Cue zipper bags from Amazon.” 

Terena placed all of the game pieces and boards into individual zipper bags. She then cut the logos off the boxes and taped them onto each bag. For extra organization, she placed the bags into a bin making them easy to identify and grab. The zipper bags also make any game travel-friendly.

‘Um excuse me? Take my money!’

The video received almost 100,000 likes. People thought Terena’s idea was perfect. 

“This is smart! I was looking for a way to organize toys,” one person said.

“Um excuse me? Take my money!” another commented.

“I just ordered these 10 seconds after seeing this. I fight with my game boxes daily,” a user wrote

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