Husband and wife crush Alicia Keys vocals to serenade baby girl: ‘I was not expecting that’

A husband and wife stunned TikTok with their incredible singing skills.

Maya Bynoe has over 1.8 million followers on TikTok. The mom vlogs about family life, motherhood and bringing up her baby girl.

But in one video, it was Maya and her husband Jonathan Bynoe’s talent that stole the show. Maya described the video as a “day in the life of our family.” But not every family has got musical ability like this. 

While the Bynoes’ baby girl sat on the kitchen countertop, Jonathan decided to give her a little serenade of Alicia Keys’ “Girl On Fire.” 

“She got her head in the clouds, and she’s not backing down,” Jonathan sang as he expertly drummed on the table. 

Maya was just browsing the refrigerator when her husband shouted, “Take it away, Maya!” The wife immediately launched into the chorus, singing it perfectly. 

“This girl is on fire. This girl is on fire,” Maya sang. 

The impressive clip racked up over a whopping 135.5 million views and 30.2 million likes on TikTok.

“Her voice, I was not expecting that. Wow,” a user said

“If this isn’t me and my future husband, I don’t want it,” another wrote.

“Why does this go so hard?” another asked.

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