Hilarious mom ‘threatens’ daughter after she mistakes her for package thief: ‘Ma, it’s me’

This mother and daughter’s misunderstanding has TikTok in stitches. 

When a mom watched the live security footage on her Ring camera, she mistook her daughter for a package thief. The mom spoke to the “intruder” directly, which made for a hilarious exchange. The user @monaeconner920 posted a video of the hilarious incident.

While the clip definitely has a wholesome ending, it does have some colorful language, so the kiddos may want to skip this one. 

In the clip, a woman wearing a black bonnet on her head walked away from the porch with a few packages in her arms.  

“Get off my f****** porch. Put it back! Put it back!” the mother communicated through the camera. She threatened to take violent action if the alleged thief didn’t comply.

The woman then walked back up to the camera and said calmly, “Ma, it’s me.” Then she burst into laughter. 

“Oh…” her mom said, stunned. “What you doing home?” 

The two couldn’t stop cracking up at the mistake. The video racked up 13 million views and 2.7 million likes on TikTok

“Would’ve pranked my mom and started running,” a user said

“I’ve watched this too many times and laughed like it’s the first,” another wrote.

“Daughter was confused for a minute. ‘Am I me???’” someone joked

“This is the mother I need she is epic,” a TikToker replied

“She had the audacity to laugh like she didn’t just threaten your life,” a person added

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