Mom furious over ‘ridiculous’ daycare conditions threatens to switch: ‘You need to relax’

A mother isn’t sure if she should stay with her daughter’s daycare.

She asked Reddit’s “Parenting” forum to weigh in. The daycare is supposed to be the best in town. However, the organization has overcharged the mom multiple times, fudged the baby’s feeding schedule and hasn’t kept many of its promises. 

“My almost 4-month-old baby girl is always so happy and bubbly,” the mom said. “She started daycare about five weeks ago. It’s supposed to be the most premiere daycare in town. Well, first, they continue to draft $9 more than the agreed weekly amount out of my account, and I’ve had to call and complain every single week. Next, last week I noticed they fed her 5 ounces after five hours, then four hours later, they fed 10 ounces in two hours. This is not our agreed feeding plan. I’m having to call to remind them to feed my baby… RIDICULOUS!!! When we brought up our concerns to the daycare director and assistant to the director, they proceeded to defend their staff and said we need to take into consideration that there are other babies in the infant room, and we need to understand [that] the teachers are doing the best they can.” 

The mother wants to know if she should just find a new daycare altogether.

“When we enrolled in this daycare center, we were told we would get updates on feedings, naps and diaper changes through the day and would receive photos through the day,” she explained. “We are receiving updates but have yet to receive a photo, which is super frustrating because I have no idea what my baby is doing all day. Again, I’ve mentioned this to the director, and she fails to comply with my request. I hate to start all over with a new daycare. What would you advise us to do? Should we wait this out and hope it gets better, or just know it’s time to move on?”

Redditors thought the mom was maybe stressing over nothing. 

“I think you need to relax on her schedule. Daycare is not going to be just like at home, and that’s okay,” a user said

“I think your expectations are a little high,” another wrote

“Your expectations are way too high for a daycare! It sounds like you need a nanny!” someone added

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