Mom demonstrates brilliant recipe for DIY sidewalk paint: ‘Taste-safe and easy to wash off!’

This TikTok parent shared how to make DIY sidewalk paints that wash off without leaving a permanent mark!

Myriam Sandler (@mothercould) is a mom and TikToker who shares useful parenting and cooking hacks on her TikTok account. Myriam recently shared a tutorial for how to make DIY washable sidewalk paints that are easy to wash off and are sure to be a hit with creative kids!

The video begins with Myriam grabbing a surprising object to make her sidewalk paints: a muffin pan. Myriam fills the tin with cornstarch and water, then mixes a different color of food coloring into each cup of the pan. 

Next, Myriam shows the sidewalk paints in action. Her daughter sits in the driveway, painting abstract shapes and rainbows onto the ground. The paint spreads easily and dries quickly, creating multi-colored designs that stand out against the dark cement of the driveway. 

In the next shot, Myriam’s children appear painting a wooden playhouse in different colors. “Taste-safe and easy to wash off!” a caption reads. 

Finally, Myriam shows how easily the paints wash off of any surface. First, she sprays a hose onto the playhouse, and the colors quickly disappear. Then, she sprays a white stucco column attached to her house, showing how the paint runs off, leaving the column completely unstained. 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Myriam’s DIY sidewalk paints. 

“Yes! Let kids be creative without doing harm or permanent mess,” one viewer commented. 

“I did this for my daughter and her friend and they absolutely loved it!” a grateful parent wrote. 

Another parent commented, “I love this. I hate the feel of chalk and feel bad if I tell my children I can’t do it with them.”

To which Myriam replied, “Me too! This is the best of both worlds.”

Myriam’s sidewalk paints are perfect for creative kids and parents alike. Kids can create imaginative works of art, then easily erase them and start over. And for parents, it’s comforting to know that kids can paint on any surface without staining it permanently! 

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