Mom’s diaper bag hack is a brilliant space-saver: ‘How come I didn’t know this 3 babies ago?’

A TikTok mom shared a space-saving diaper bag hack, and parents were blown away! 


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A TikTok parent who posts under the username @yolarodizzle posted a helpful video that’ll save parents from the stresses of trying to fit everything in a diaper bag. 

The clever space-saving hack has been viewed more than 500,000 times, and the TikTok parenting community is forever grateful! 

The filmer starts by laying a onesie flat on the ground. Then, she takes a pair of baby pants and a pair of socks, and places them in the middle of the onesie. Next, she rolls up the onesie with the socks and pants inside. Lastly, she buttons up the onesie, so that the socks and pants are completely covered. 

The filmer is left with a small, compact bundle of baby clothes that’s easy to fit into any diaper bag. It’s sort of like a onesie burrito! 

‘I never would’ve thought of this!’

Parents flooded the comment section with praise, many of them wondering where this helpful hack has been their entire lives. 

“How come I didn’t know this 3 babies ago?” wrote one mind-blown TikToker. 

“WOW. Never would’ve thought [of] this! Lol great idea,” wrote another impressed user. 

“I am doing this. I am a mom of 4 and have never thought of this,” said a mom whose life is about to get a whole lot easier. 

Some viewers pointed out that the folding hack shown in the video can be helpful for other situations around the house.  

“Also a great way to get clothes set up for the week in outfits and then in the drawer they go!” wrote a helpful parent. 

The Internet has no shortage of folding hacks that are aimed at parents who are looking to save some time and their sanity. As busy parents know all too well, you can never have too many shortcuts. So keep ‘em coming, TikTokers!

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