Mom discovers brilliant trash bag hack: ‘Apparently I’ve been using trash bags wrong my entire life’

A mom on TikTok realized she’s been using trash bags all wrong!


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Hannah Ian is a mother and co-founder of professional organization company, Stored Simply. She’s also a major knowledge-dropper when it comes to household hacks. 

Her latest hack is a must-see if you constantly feel frustrated when it comes to opening a garbage bag. 

Hannah recently took to TikTok to admit that she’s been using trash bags wrong her whole life, and that the bags actually already come inside out

In the video, Hannah opens by saying, “So apparently I’ve been using trash bags wrong my entire life.”

She then shakes open a trash bag by flinging it out in front of her before saying, “You’re not supposed to do that.”

Wait, so there’s a better way? 

She then goes on to show that the trash bag’s seam is already inside out, which means no more shaking open!

Hannah demonstrates that you’re supposed to put the bag’s opening over the top of the trash can “like a hat,” and then when it’s taut, just push the bag down inside!

Not only will this simple but effective life hack save time, it might actually make it easier to tie up the bag when you take out the trash as well. 

‘Omg. My whole 52 years are now altered!’

Viewers were thrilled to have this game-changing house hack and hopped into the comments section to show their appreciation.

“Why, why is TikTok teaching me more life skills [than] I learned in school!?!” read one hilarious comment. 

Others offered comfort to Hannah by letting her know that this was news to them, too!

“I got that beat. I am 61 and didn’t realize that. Thanks for [the] tip,” wrote one lifelong learner.

Meanwhile, a professional learner commented, “No worries darling! I have a PhD and didn’t know that either.”

As the old saying goes, better late than never!

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