Mom refuses to stop editing ‘terrifying’ teeth onto baby despite husband’s wishes: ‘I’m with dad’

A mother’s habit of editing teeth onto her baby boy’s photos has her husband perturbed.

TikTokers Alyssa and Gerard are mom and dad to Hayden, Harper and Emmett. Together, the family runs the account FluellenFam, which has 1.9 million followers. The quintet shares vlogs about family life, often with a humorous twist. 

“When my husband asks me to stop editing teeth on our baby,” the mom captioned the video, adding, “It was almost cute until the last one.” 

Alyssa then showed a series of photos with her baby boy Emmett. Each one was edited so that the toothless baby had a mouth full of pearly whites. The little one went from looking months old to having an uncanny, adult-like face. Somehow Emmet looked like he was one going on 30. The final photo of him smirking with his family was outright sinister.  

‘I laughed so hard, I woke my husband up from his nap’

The hilarious video racked up over 9.5 million views on TikTok. People were obsessed with the unsettlingly adorable teeth. 

“The last one is terrifying in the cutest way,” one user wrote

“I’m with dad,” another commented

“I laughed so hard, I woke my husband up from his nap,” a person said

“I can’t stop laughing,” someone added

“He looks like he wants to sell me insurance of some kind,” a user joked.

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