Teenager shares ‘extreme reaction’ to mom’s household decorating decision: ‘[I] am so surprised’

A mom’s choice to decorate her bathroom has her children fuming.

She explained why she thought it wasn’t such a big deal on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The stay-at-home mom has two sons and for the most part, the family gets along. They recently moved into a new home with three bathrooms. It was her job to decorate the bathrooms and since she spent the most time in the basement of anyone, she designed it to her liking. But when her teenage sons saw what she did they were furious. 

“I decorated the small bathroom just to my own tastes for the first time ever,” she wrote. “I’ve painted it pink and it’s got cream and grey decor with pink lights and a pink rug. Here’s the problem: I am a hardcore One Direction fan and I’m not embarrassed to admit it. So I’ve decorated this bathroom with framed posters of 1D and have added lots of other memorabilia.” 

Her husband thinks it’s funny, but she honestly couldn’t believe how upset her sons were. 

“My husband is mildly amused but not upset about this, but our kids are actually upset about it,” she explained. “They are mortified by it and want me to at least remove all the 1D merch but keep the pink if I must. This is the first time we’ve ever had a major disagreement in our family. The basement is where the kids and their friends and girlfriends hang out when they’re here. [I] am so surprised by our boys’ extreme reactions.” 

Reddit users sided with the mom on this one. 

“I love your silly, fanatical, ridiculous bathroom,” someone commented.

“If you’re not embarrassing your kids at least some of the time you’re not doing it right,” another joked.  

“I wouldn’t remove a single item,” a user wrote

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