Mom and ex-husband’s new wife celebrate their friendship with adorable TikTok dance: ‘We need more of this in the world’

A mom and stepmom are going viral for celebrating their healthy relationship with an adorable dance, and TikTok is applauding their co-parenting skills.

Mom and TikToker Cassie (@dancinqueen823) gained over 10 million views and thousands of comments when she uploaded the sweet video.

In the video, Cassie writes, “Who is this?!? My ex-husband’s new wife… She’s the best stepmom ever! And has become my best friend since they got married.”

But it’s clear that Cassie and her ex’s new wife aren’t simply celebrating their own friendship, but encouraging blended families — or perhaps just humans in general — to cultivate the same peace and harmony in their own lives.

As she writes in the caption, “Coparenting 101… Be kind!”

‘This is how it should be…’

Over 7,000 TikTok users jumped in Cassie’s comment section to applaud the co-parenting besties.

“This is amazing, glad y’all are so nice to each other,” one user wrote.

“We need more of this in the world,” commented another user.

“So happy to see things working out! You’re good people and the world needs more like you!” another user said.

“This is beautiful! Love the positivity!” wrote another user.

“I love this so much, I can hardly stand it!! Bravo ladies, all of y’all co-parenting are absolutely incredible!” commented another user.

“THANK YOU FOR THIS. As a stepmom, I love seeing the bond. Wish I could have this. You’re an awesome person,” wrote one user.

“Yesss love this! This is how it should be. Your kids will grow to appreciate this,” commented another user.

“That’s so awesome, everyone should be that mature,” wrote another user.

“U give me hope, thanks. Humanity isn’t a lost cause,” another user wrote.

Perhaps, thanks to Cassie’s touching video, more blended families will be inspired to make peace with their exes and their new spouses — and perhaps even form special friendships. Children will be sure to appreciate it in the long run!

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