Mom explains why laundry baskets are the ultimate bath time hack

This TikTok parent’s laundry basket hack is a great and inexpensive alternative to baby bathtubs. 

Kayla Ellis (@theellisisland17) is a TikToker and parent who recently shared a mind-blowing bath time hack. The hack? Place a towel-lined laundry basket into the bathtub to support and contain little ones during bath time

Many parents choose to use baby bathtubs because they’re a safer alternative to bathing little ones in an adult-sized tub. Experts say a baby bathtub should be made of plastic, be the right size for your baby, and have anti-slip padding that can help them stay seated upright. 

Many parents are using laundry baskets as a DIY substitute due to their convenient size and similar qualifications to baby bathtubs.

Ellis’ clip, titled “Why you should give your baby a bath in a clothes basket,”
begins with footage of a bathtub filling up with water. In the middle of the tub sits a laundry basket with a towel covering the bottom. 

According to Ellis, a towel can help keep your child warm by placing it over their legs while consistently pouring warm water over the towel. 

She claims that the laundry basket trick also makes bathroom blowouts easier to clean since any mess stays contained in the basket. 

On that same note, a clothes basket helps toys stay within reach so they won’t float off to some faraway corner in the tub. 

Ellis finally notes that a laundry basket allows little ones to sit up, kick, and splash before highlighting that “they love it and look so darned cute!” A declaration that’s proven with an adorable shot of her wide-eyed baby, sitting happily in the makeshift tub.  

The hack’s relatability certainly struck a nostalgic chord with viewers. 

“I used to do this with my son! The little blow-up baths are expensive, and this works just as well,” one user confirmed. 

“Did anyone else get bathed in a sink or a large metal bowl when they were kids, or is that just me? Lol,” shared another viewer.

While hacks like these can be interesting and helpful, it’s important to find a bath time routine that’s safe and comfortable for your little one.

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