Mom explains why you shouldn’t ‘focus on the mess’ in touching TikTok

Being a parent can be unpredictable, frustrating, and especially messy, but this mom shared how she learned to look past the messiness of raising young children and find beauty in the chaos!

Liz Kindred (@yourejustliz) is a stay-at-home parent of two young kids who learned an important lesson recently about finding beauty in the messiness of being a parent. In a moving video, the TikToker shares how she went from being frustrated with how messy her kids were, to focusing on the meaningful and rewarding moments that caused the messes!

“Here’s what I learned from a time I got pissed at my kids and yelled at them,” the mom begins. 

She explains that, not long ago, she purchased silhouette portraits of her two young daughters. Within minutes of receiving the portraits, her daughters had destroyed them, coloring all over them with crayons. “I yelled and cried and shamed them, only for me to realize, hey, you are a dysregulated punk of a parent,” she recalls. “So I apologized.”

Liz learned a valuable lesson from her frustration. “If I focus so much on the mess, I will miss life’s most precious moments,” she shares. “I will miss the beauty in the mess and the redemption of the chaos.”

She goes on to give an example, showing a shot of her messy kitchen table piled high with books, puzzles, and toys. “I could focus so much on the mess,” she says. “Or I could remember our family sitting around the table last night as my 4-year-old encouraged me, yes, her mom, not to give up on this godforsaken puzzle.”

“She literally looked me in the eye without stuttering and said, ‘Mommy, don’t give up. We can all work together,’” Liz recalls. 

“I guess it’s all about perspective and kids have a way of being a mirror to that,” Liz concludes. 

Viewers applauded Liz’s important message. 

“I’m crying! So precious,” one viewer wrote. 

“I loved this and will carry this with me through my day today,” another TikToker commented. 

“Oh wow, I needed this. Going through a hard stage of motherhood currently,” another mom shared. 

Raising kids can be messy and chaotic, but sometimes the mess is the best part!

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