Woman fulfills dream of being ‘that mom’ by making special memories with after-school snacks

This TikTok parent makes the most adorable after-school snacks for her kids!

Amber Fillerup Clark (@amberfillerup) is a TikTok parent and hair stylist who shares videos of her family, along with creative hair styling videos. Amber’s artistic skills aren’t limited to hair styling, however.

The talented parent recently posted a video sharing some of the impressive after-school snacks she’s made for her kids, and explaining why it means so much to her to be able to make them. 


When making after school snacks literally feels like the dream life #parenting #kids #snacks

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The video begins with a shot of the first after-school snack Amber has chosen to profile. She has carved an apple into the shape of a cup of French fries, hollowing out the center of the apple, and placing French fry-shaped apple slices inside. Next to the apple fries, sits a “hamburger” made of fruit. Two apple slices serve as the bun, while banana slices stand in for pickles, a slice of watermelon serves as a beef patty, and kiwis replace lettuce. 

“When I was younger, I dreamed of being ‘that mom,’” a caption reads. “The kind that goes above and beyond to make special memories and make things fun.”

Next, Amber shows two smoothie bowls she made for her kids. They are filled with blue smoothies, and adorned with bananas that have been cut into the shapes of dolphins. A pour of yellow smoothie in each corner stands in for the sun. 

“Now I have 3 kids (almost 4) and I get to do fun stuff like make after-school snacks special,” Amber writes, as the shot changes to the next snack: Waffles cut into ice cream cone shapes, with banana and kiwi slices and sprinkles standing in for ice cream. 

“Love making life extra for them through the simplest things like a snack,” Amber continues, revealing two pieces of pound cake, decorated with fruit to make them look like adorable teddy bears. 

The video ends with shots of two more of Amber’s impressive after school snack designs: a peacock made with fruit skewers, followed by a butterfly made of bananas, raspberries, and kiwis.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Amber’s adorable snacks. 

“I want to be this mum,” wrote one viewer. 

“I’m sure the exciting part about school is going home because their mom prepared such a beautiful snack for them,” another viewer commented. 

“Oh, I love this. I wish I had the skills. I’d simply cut off my finger trying this,” another TikToker joked. 

Amber’s after-school snacks are certainly impressive, but you don’t need to be an expert chef to make after-school snacks your kids will love! Simply making snacks that are healthy and creative is a great way to show you care. 

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