Mom fake cries to see which child comes running, is shocked by who shows up: ‘You can always count on [them]’

A mom decided to test her children’s affections by pretending to be upset — and the concerned “child” who showed up is melting TikTok’s heart!

Mom and TikToker Leanne (@leanne_linds41) wanted to see which of her teenage daughters would come to her rescue first, her 17-year-old or her 13-year-old. But she never expected to see who actually showed up!

And, just like this fiercely protective “nanny” dog who won’t let her baby climb the stairs, or this pup who bravely jumped into the ocean to find his missing dad, Leanne’s TikTok is pulling animal-lovers’ heartstrings around the world!

In the video, Leanne records as she plays an audio clip of a woman crying, her camera pointed towards the door, ready to capture which child comes running in first.

As she waits and waits, still playing the crying audio, it begins to feel like neither of her daughters is going to show up.

But just when viewers might have given up hope, one of Leanne’s other children suddenly appears in the doorway: her “baby” Frenchie!

The heartwarming video clearly touched dog-lovers’ hearts, as it wracked up millions of views and thousands of comments!

‘We can always rely on our fur babies!’

Thousands of comments poured in, swooning over Leanne’s loving Frenchie.

“I knew the pet would be first. They love us unconditionally!” one user wrote.

“Dogs are the best!” another user commented.

“I knew it was gonna be a doggo,” wrote another user.

“We can always rely on our fur babies!” one user added.

“I knew it was going to be the dog, the family member that’ll never leave you alone when you’re sad,” commented another user.

“Always the dog. The amount of kisses and rubs my dog has given me until I stop crying… #WeDontDeservePets,” wrote one user.

While there’s no doubt Leanne’s teenage daughters love their mom, it’s clear that their pup might be the true “mama’s boy” of the family!

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