Mom provides ‘daily dose of birth control’ by revealing the most ‘terrible’ way to be woken up

A mom’s shocking wake-up call has TikTokers wheezing with laughter — and reaching for their birth control.

Mom Nina (@ninaandfam867) garnered a whopping 10.2 million views and nearly 900,000 likes when she shared the alarming — and slightly disgusting — way her toddler woke her up.

We know that some of the most shocking things come from the mouths of babes — like this 4-year-old who went super viral when she shared her “fart hack” with a complete stranger in the middle of Target — but Nina’s horrifying experience proves that parents truly never know what’s going to come out of their kids’ mouths next.

In just seven seconds, Nina’s video manages to paint an incredibly vivid, stressful and shocking picture.

“Of all the terrible ways to be woken up,” she begins, armed with cleaning supplies, “‘Mommy, my fart is on the floor’ takes the cake.”

And that’s it. The fart that launched over 10 million views — and no doubt a hectic morning of deep-cleaning for Nina.

I laughed so hard I snorted a bit…”

Thousands of TikTokers shared their hilarious reactions in the comments.

“A fart with a surprise 🎉💩,” joked one user.

“That fart had company,” another user quipped.

“I taught my kids the phrase ‘Never trust a fart’ two weeks ago, because … well, it happened,” shared one user.

Other TikTokers were laughing too hard to make any jokes.

“I laughed so hard I snorted a bit,” one user wrote.

“I have never laughed this hard at 11 o’clock p.m.,” another user shared.

“I wheezed at this,” commented another.

But other TikTokers took Nina’s video as a cautionary tale against becoming parents.

“Thank you for my daily dose of birth control,” one user wrote.

“This needs to be an advertisement for birth control,” commented another user.

“Reasons not to have children number 422,” replied another.

While Nina’s video might scare some people away from having children, it also shows that life is always full of laughter when kids are involved!

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