Woman getting ‘mommy makeover’ fights anesthesia to tell hilarious Hobby Lobby story: ‘I’m not going to sleep’

A mom hilariously fought through anesthesia right before her surgery, and millions of TikTokers are cracking up at the footage.

TikToker Jen Hamilton (@_jen_hamilton_) gained a whopping 40 million views and 34,000 comments when she uploaded the video — and that was just part one!

And while TikTok is home to millions of sidesplitting parents — like this mom who was mortified to discover her thong had been stuck to her child’s shoe all day long — Jen’s pre-surgical antics might just take the cake.


Spoiler alert: I didn’t win. Part 2 coming soon! Follow @ccoleymd my surgeon! And yes…I’m talking about you @jo7771111 !!!

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In the first video, you can see Jen prepping for her “mommy makeover” — a procedure that typically includes breast augmentation, tummy tuck surgery, and liposuction.

Considering what a big operation she’s facing, one would think this mom would be feeling a little nervous.

But on the contrary, Jen seems cool as a cucumber — and in fact, decides it’s the perfect time to tell a funny story about her latest adventure to Hobby Lobby!

The hilarious mom is clearly beginning to feel the effects of the medicine as she tells the staff her story (apparently, she was shopping for giant googly eyes to place strategically on her chest as a surprise the surgeon).

“I’m not gonna sleep, it’s not gonna happen,” Jen assures the medical staff.

“Oh, you’re going to sleep,” one of the attendants replies.

Jen struggles to continue her story as the medication continues to grow stronger, pulling her deeper in.

But finally, the anesthesiologist administers some “milk of amnesia,” as Jen describes it, and the mom peacefully conks out.

“BRO WHAT. I was out in 2 seconds,” one TikToker writes, impressed with Jen’s abilities to stay awake for so long.

“I lasted 3 seconds then woke up in a different room and cried,” another user shared.

“You fought them the whole way,” commented another user, laugh-crying emojis in tow.

“Anesthesiologist said, ‘Oh, you think you ain’t goin’ to sleep? BET,'” one user laughed.

“I always wondered how they know someone is asleep before they start. This was a fun peek behind the curtain!” another user observed.

Thankfully, Jen’s procedure went off without a hitch, and she’s enjoying the results of her makeover.

It just goes to show that while laughter might be the best medicine, it’s no match for the sleep-inducing medicine of a good anesthesiologist!

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