Mom films emotional TikTok dedicated to second-born baby: ‘It was different with you’

This mom’s touching TikTok tribute to her newborn beautifully sheds light on how things are different with your second child in the best way possible! 

TikToker Montse (@sweetchildmontse) is a lawyer and mom of two under two. Montse recently posted a touching video depicting how having your second baby feels different but no less special than the birth of your first child. 

Montse’s touching video tribute features audio from a monologue by TikTok user, Kendra  (@kendra_barnes_)

Barnes titled “You were my second,” playing over a montage of clips from the first two weeks of her second baby’s life. 

“You were second, not in my heart, but one did come before you in time. It was different with you. There was no gender reveal party or elaborate shower,” Barnes’ voice begins with a shot of the newborn baby on his birthday. 

The video cuts to a cute close-up of the baby’s tiny feet while the audio continues, “We didn’t read the books or check the apps to see what vegetable you measured against.” 

“My mind was busier. My body, more tired. The worries of a first-time mom had faded, and now my thoughts drifted to fear that I wouldn’t be enough for you,” Barnes’ narration confesses between a clip of the baby sleeping in an oscillating baby chair and a clip of him dozing off while getting his hair washed. 

“I wondered how I could divide my heart, my love, my time and energy equally enough. And then, before I knew it, you were here. And in an instant, every fear faded,” continues the narration. 

“And oh sweet baby, the lessons you helped me learn,” the audio gushes before listing each example, accompanied by more footage of the sleepy tiny bonnet-wearing newborn

Montse and Barnes conclude their heartfelt tributes to their second children with the sentiment that “it’s true, you didn’t make me a mother. But you sure made me a better one.” 

Parents strongly related to the feelings and emotions illustrated in Montse’s video. 

“I’m due in 3 weeks, and I NEEDED to hear this. I’m so nervous of ‘splitting my love’ with my babies,” one expectant parent commented. 

“Needed this. I want another, but I’m so scared I’ll be angry I didn’t devote time to my first,” another user mentioned. 

Despite these shared concerns, the video and audio prove that “a heart is limitless in size.”

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