Mom’s $5.60 first-class Singapore Airlines seat is ‘unbelievable’: ‘So much space’

A travel vlogger left people stunned when she showed her mom’s first-class “seat” on Singapore Airline Suites. 

When we envision first class, we usually imagine a comfortable reclining chair with legroom and fancier menu options. But when TikToker @travelhackingmom gave her followers a peek at what Singapore Airlines had to offer — there was no comparison. Even the frequent flyer had dubbed her mom’s seat truly “unbelievable.” 


I was sitting in business class wh cub didn’t suck but it’s no Singapore suites! #awardtravel #creditcardpoints #luxuryflight #luxurytravel #travelhacks

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“This is Singapore Suites’ first class. She booked this flight for 143,000 points plus $5.60,” the TikToker explained

In the luxury room, the mom had a cozy reclining chair, an entire bed, a giant television and a small desk. 

“I was sitting in business class wh cub didn’t suck but it’s no Singapore suites!” she wrote in the caption

The video racked up 6.3 million views. Most people were floored by the space. 

“That’s not a seat that’s an apt,” a user wrote. 

“That would rent for $8K a month in Manhattan!” another commented

“This why the rest of us don’t have my room,” someone joked

“I did not know they even made things like this for planes,” a TikToker replied

“Wow! I wouldn’t even know what to do with so much space on a plane. That’s amazing,” a person added

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