Mom breaks down when she accidentally captures baby’s first laugh on camera: ‘This just melted my heart’

This new parent’s emotional reaction to her daughter’s first laugh is so relatable!

Sarah Holden (@sarahforwarkholden) is a new parent who shares adorable videos of her 3-month-old daughter on TikTok.

Sarah recently shared a heartwarming video of her daughter laughing for the first time, which struck a chord with TikTokers, and racked up 25 million views. 

In the video, Sarah sits with her daughter on her lap. She makes goofy noises, shakes her daughter’s hands, and bobs her head up and down in an attempt to entertain the smiling baby. Suddenly, the 3-month-old does something unexpected: She begins to laugh for the first time ever. 

Sarah immediately begins tearing up, asking, “Was that a laugh? Are you laughing?”

The video ends as the new mom covers her mouth in shock, as her daughter continues to laugh joyfully. 

Viewers jumped into the comments to express their appreciation for the adorable video—and share how much they related to it. 

“My baby laughed for the first time in her sleep the other day and I reacted the same way,” one parent wrote. 

“It’s so crazy because it’s actually that emotional to hear your baby laugh for the first time!” another viewer responded. 

“This just melted my heart,” another user wrote.

Dad here. So sweet – It’s like they go from a little bean to a little person laughing. Then you blink and they’re driving. Cherish every moment!” wrote one nostalgic parent. 

One new parent even admitted that she was a little bit afraid when her baby first started laughing, writing, “My baby just started like 2 weeks ago. I was scared at first. Books say they start at 4-6 months and my baby was only 3 months so it scared me.”

To which Sarah responded, “Yes! She’s just shy of 3 months in this video! I think that’s why I wasn’t expecting it – I must have read the same things you read!”

While babies typically begin laughing at 3 or 4 months old, all babies develop differently. Some babies begin laughing earlier than 3 months, while others don’t begin to giggle until later.

And remember, you don’t need to be a stand-up comedian to elicit a laugh out of your little one! Experts suggest making funny noises, tickling, and playing peek-a-boo.

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