TikTok mom gets real about baby pictures when you have more than 1 kid

A TikTok mom posted a hilarious video that shows the difference in how parents save baby pictures of their first kid, versus how they save baby pictures of their other kids

Nicole Oliver (@mamoliverr) posted the relatable clip, which went viral with over 13.8 million views and had TikTokers flooding the comment section with their own experiences. 


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Nicole starts the video with a “first child” asking, “Mom can I see my baby pictures?” 

Nicole excitedly puts down her iced coffee, and picks up a giant decorative bin with a pile of photo albums stacked on top. 

Next a “second child” asks to see their baby pictures. 

Nicole, with a little less enthusiasm, hands a single photo album towards the camera. 

Finally, the youngest child asks to see baby pictures. 

Instead of taking out an album, a slightly ashamed Nicole hands her smartphone to the camera. The point was that parents are too lazy to make big photo albums by the time the third child comes, and also that these days, parents tend to take more pictures on their phone

‘This is painfully accurate’

Parents and non-parents alike praised Nicole for her relatable take on baby pictures. 

“This hit the nail on the damn head,” said one user.

“I’m the 3rd child and I [have] literally never seen a picture of me before 1st grade,” said a disgruntled younger sibling. 

“My mom has 4 albums for me, 1 for my brother and a few pics of my sister on her phone,” said another TikToker who clearly related to the video. 

“Old Town Road” rapper Lil Nas X also commented on the video, saying “I’m the last born and I’ve seen maybe 3 baby pictures of myself lmao.” 

If Lil Nas X agrees with the take, it’s gotta be true!

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