Mom leaves for the weekend, so Dad makes his own unique version of spaghetti: ‘We need Mom back’

When Mom left for the weekend, this dad had to fend for himself in the kitchen. His own sons couldn’t help but laugh. 

The TikTok account @lemonbrothers posted a video of their dad attempting to make spaghetti. When the three sons took a look at the ingredients the family patriarch was using, they promptly roasted their father.

While we’ve seen unique recipes go viral before — like this supersize $100 sandwich sold at Disneyland that can feed a family of seven — this dad’s special spaghetti has TikTok cracking up.

“He had no idea what he was doing wrong,” the caption read. “Mom was gone for the weekend, so he tried making his own dinner but…” 

The dad had all of his supplies ready, it seemed. Some dry spaghetti noodles, a pot of boiling water and the red sauce looked good to go.

“Show us the sauce that you’re going to use first,” his son said.

The father confidently presented a jar of Tostitos salsa. He had no idea it wasn’t pasta sauce. The three brothers couldn’t stop laughing. But that didn’t seem to cause the dad to switch gears or question anything. 

“Aw, we need mom back,” the son said, cracking himself up. 

TikTokers thought the father’s mistake was hilarious. 

“One time, my dad put raw zucchini in our salads instead of cucumbers. We still make fun of him for it,” someone commented

“I don’t know if I’m pregnant or what, but that looks amazing,” another said

“Your mom better never leave again,” a user wrote

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