TikTok loves Mom’s ‘smart’ hack for quickly counting formula scoops: ‘Why have I never thought of this?’

A mom demonstrated how to quickly prep baby formula using one simple hack.

Malloy Whitemore, AKA @theformulamom, shared her secret for making a large pitcher of formula. Most formulas use a ratio of one scoop of powder (which can vary in size based on the manufacturer) for every two fluid ounces of water. That means every time your baby needs formula, you have to spend time measuring the perfect amount. Whitemore came up with a handy way of streamlining the task. 

“Figure out how many of those tiny formula scoops fit into a standard-sized measuring cup,” Whitemore said

The mother was able to fit 24 scoops of Kabrita goat milk formula into exactly one cup. 

“Once you have it counted out, you can add it to your Dr. Brown’s formula pitcher. Mix it on up,” the mom said, combining the formula ingredients in the pitcher.

Dr. Brown’s Formula Mixing Pitcher is an affordable pitcher with unique blades designed to rapidly mix formula without clumps. It allows parents to prepare up to four bottles of baby formula at once. Using Whitemore’s scoop method helps to further reduce that prep time. 

“The best part is next time you don’t have to count out 24 scoops,” Whitmore explained. “You can use your measuring cup and know that you’re getting exactly the right amount.” 

TikTok parents thought Whitemore’s tip was genius.

“Why have I never thought of this? I hate counting the scoops,” one person commented

“So smart,” another said

“This is so helpful!” a user wrote

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