Mom shares hilarious hack for lying down while watching a 2-year-old

This TikTok mom has a hilariously clever hack for getting a little rest while she watches her toddler: She lets her toddler play doctor!

Karalea (@karaleapior) is a mom who shares adorable videos of her 2 daughters on TikTok. Karalea recently shared an adorable and creative hack that allows her to rest on the couch while she watches her toddler daughter: She lets her play doctor while she lies down and shuts her eyes and acts as the “patient.”


How to lie down while watching a 2 year old …. Be their patient. 😂 #toddler #funny #doctor #parentsoftiktok #fyp

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Karalea’s video, which is captioned “how to lie down while watching a 2-year-old” begins with Karalea lying on the couch in her living room. Her 2-year-old daughter Franki comes over and places an ice pack on her head. 

Karalea continues to rest on the couch as Franki plays doctor. The 2-year-old runs off and returns momentarily with a stethoscope. “I have to check your heart,” the adorable toddler explains. “You ate too much cake.”

After checking her mom’s heart, Franki grabs a toy reflex hammer to check her mom’s reflexes (or “earflexes,” as Franki adorably calls them). Franki gently taps her mom’s knee with the hammer, and Karalea responds by kicking her leg into the air. 

Next, Franki wraps a toy blood pressure cuff around her mom’s arm and places a toy thermometer into her mom’s mouth. “Baby not feeling well,” Franki says. 

At the end of the video, Karalea, feeling rested after her “doctor’s appointment,” attempts to sit up. “I’m gonna get up,” she tells Franki.

But Franki is having none of it. The tiny doctor isn’t ready to stop caring for her patient just yet. “No, no! You’re sick!” she exclaims. “No, no, no. Lay down!”

Viewers loved Karalea’s hack and couldn’t get enough of her adorable doctor

“OMG, she is literally the cutest thing,” one viewer responded. 

“Y’all talking about how cute this is, but I think this is incredibly smart,” wrote another TikToker. 

“The fact that your 2-year-old knows about blood pressure and reflexes is really impressive, even if it’s from a toy,” another TikToker commented. 

Another commenter shared their own strategy for getting the toddler they babysit to let them rest, explaining, “I tricked the 2-year-old I nannied into playing the ‘go to sleep’ game where she would put me down for a nap. It was a favorite for years.”

To which Karalea responded, “I’ve used that one as well! She tucks me in bed and tells me not to get up until morning time. Fine by me!”

Raising a toddler can be exhausting work, but Karalea’s hack lets her get a little bit of rest, while still entertaining her daughter! 

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