Mom has brilliant hack for getting rid of pacifiers

This TikTok parent’s pacifier hack will finally have you singing “bye-bye binky!” 

TikToker Catherine (@chikidsfeeding) is a speech-language pathologist, feeding therapist, certified lactation counselor, and mom of 3 who frequently posts videos sharing childcare tips, tricks, and resources. Recently, Catherine shared a mind-blowing hack to help kids kick the pacifier habit.

In the video, Catherine demonstrates an effective method for “getting rid of that pesky pacifier.” The trick involves snipping off a bit from the top of the pacifier with a sharp pair of scissors. 

Over time, she recommends gradually cutting off more of the pacifier until there’s barely any left at the bottom. 

Catherine says your little one won’t be as satisfied by a pacifier with a hole in the top and will steadily lose interest. 

The clever hack caused a wave of nostalgia amongst viewers and inspired them to share their own pacifier weaning stories.

“My mom did that with my siblings when they were little,” one user commented. 

“My parents did this to me, so I just said ‘broken’ and gave it back. I never used one again,” mentioned one decisive commenter. 

“My mom made up the ‘pacifier fairy’ so I would put the pacifier under my pillow and get candy in return,” reminisced one viewer. 

“But yet my parents put hot sauce on mine,” one trooper confessed. 

While pacifiers can help babies self-soothe and reduce their risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), prolonged use can affect tooth and mouth development. 

Some toddlers naturally lose interest in their pacifiers, but no need to worry if your child needs extra help saying bye-bye to that binky. Fortunately, there’s a range of tips and methods, like this one, that can help children at varying stages of early life pull the plug on the pacifier.

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