Mom has heartwarming response to 12-year-old son coming out: ‘This is real parenting’

A Christian mom’s son came out as transgender — so she shared exactly how she felt about it. 

Jill Wallace, who goes by mamajillwallace on TikTok, posted a video about what happened after her 12-year-old son Jayden told her he was trans. The way Wallace handled the situation has left people on social media stunned.

“My child just came out as transgender and I am a Christian mother so I want you to know how it happens in my house,” Wallace says to the camera. “First we sat down for a talk so that we could fully understand exactly what’s going to go on around here — and then we went shopping and got a haircut. This is my son Jayden, isn’t he handsome?” 

Jayden appears onscreen, sporting a spiffy cropped hairdo and glasses. He smiles at his mom and she smiles back. 

“I love you. And hey, listen, no matter who you are: if your kid comes out, you love ’em. It’s your job. You’re the parent,” Wallace says.

Wallace’s unconditional acceptance of her child resonated with TikTok users. The video garnered over 14 million views. 

“I’m crying, you are such a good mom,” one user commented.

“I love this. This is real parenting,” another said

“He looked so happy, I love this,” someone wrote

Wallace has continued to provide updates on her son’s journey on TikTok, including Jayden’s first binder and advice to other parents with transgender children

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