Mom has the sweetest trick for calming her son’s nerves at school

This TikTok parent’s hack for helping her son adjust to Kindergarten is so heartwarming!

Caitlin Fladager (@caitlinfladager) is a parent who shares videos about her adorable kids, her husband, and her life on TikTok. When Caitlin’s 5-year-old son was having trouble adjusting to being in school, Caitlin shared a video revealing the simple trick she employed to help him feel better. 


My favourite trick that helps my son when he’s nervous. Works every time. #fy #repost #mommysboy #kidsmentalhealth #wholesome

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The hack? She drew a heart on his wrist and told him to press it when he misses her. 

The video begins with a shot of Caitlin and her son sitting together in a car. Caitlin’s son grins and leans into the back of his mom’s seat. “My 5-year-old son has been having a really hard time with Kindergarten drop-off lately because he says he’s been missing me,” Caitlin explains. 

To help with his separation anxiety, Caitlin came up with a brilliantly simple idea: She drew a heart on her son’s wrist. Then, she told her son that when he presses the heart, she’ll be able to feel him thinking of her. 

“This morning I told him I had this really special pen and when I draw on his wrist, he can press it at school and I’ll feel the love in my heart,” she explains. 

In the video, Caitlin shows herself drawing the outline of a tiny heart on her son’s wrist and filling it in with ink. In the next shot, she shows her son walking to school, proudly holding out his wrist, and keeping his arm away from his body so as not to smudge the heart. 

“It worked really well and he walked to school like this because he didn’t want anything to smudge or touch it,” she recalls. “When I dropped him off at school, I told him to press it all day and I’ll feel his love in my heart.”

The video ends with Caitlin’s son heading off to his classroom with a big smile on his face, ready to face the day. 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Caitlin’s heartwarming hack for helping kids with separation anxiety. 

“That’s a good idea. Our son has been saying the same thing,” one parent replied. 

“I gave my daughter a little heart-shaped stone to put in her pocket. It really helped,” another parent chimed in. 

“I love this idea! My son is entering 1st grade and drop-off for him during Kindergarten was always hard. I’m going to try this!” wrote another appreciative viewer. 

Starting school for the first time can be tough on kids and parents alike, but Caitlin’s hack is a simple and sweet way to help kids who struggle with being away from their parents all day!

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