Mom hilariously recreates what it’s like raising middle school boys: ‘OMG the accuracy’

This TikTok parent’s hilarious impersonation of her middle school-aged son is so relatable!

Kelly Manno (@kellymanno) is a mom who loves poking fun at her family on TikTok. Kelly recently shared a hilariously spot-on impression of her middle school-aged son that had viewers cracking up.

In the video, Kelly plays both herself and her son. The video begins with Kelly’s “son” asking if he can spend the night at a friend’s house, and Kelly replying that he can on one condition: His room needs to be clean

Kelly’s son assures her that his room is spotless, but when Kelly walks in, she catches her son trying to hide a bunch of empty cups from her view. 

“Why are you standing like that?” she asks.

“I always stand like this,” her son replies. 

When Kelly calls her son out on his mess, he angrily grabs an armload of cups and storms out of his room. 

In the next scene, Kelly sits in her car, waiting for her son to arrive. He opens the door, dumping his phone and video games onto the seat. Then, he disappears for a moment, only to reappear with a large flat screen TV

“Can you pop the trunk?” he asks innocently. 

Finally, as Kelly and her son sit in the car together, Kelly decides to chat with him about video games. The conversation quickly underscores the generational gap between Kelly and her son. When Kelly tells her son that her first video game was Duck Hunt, he replies, “My first game was GTA.”

Kelly’s video struck a chord with viewers, many of whom shared similar experiences they had with their own kids

“OMG the accuracy of this video makes me feel normal. The TV thing is real! My kid has 4 friends over, each one walks in with a TV!” one parent wrote.

“The TV screen! Yup, you have a teen son! Mine does it too with his PS4 in tow,” another parent commented.

“This is literally my 12 year old!” wrote another viewer. 

While all children are unique, Kelly’s impression certainly taps into a few commonalities many middle-school aged kids seem to share: They love video games and hate cleaning.

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