Mom is horrified to realize 1-year-old has been drinking water out of the dog bowl: ‘My stomach hurts from laughing so hard’

A mom caught her baby red-handed drinking from the family dog’s water bowl, and TikTok can’t stop cracking up.

Carrie Schwanke (@mrs_schwanke) amassed nearly 100,000 views when she posted the hilarious footage to her TikTok account.

The video begins with Carrie looking shamefully at the camera, shaking her head, with her hand clasped to her mouth.

“[I] couldn’t figure out how my 1-year-old was getting water for himself,” her on-screen text reads.

The video then cuts to her baby toddling down the hallway, empty cup in hand. He then squats by the dog’s water bowl and fills the cup.

“At least he’s hydrated,” Carrie’s wry on-screen text reads.

While Mom might have been shocked by her discovery, TikTokers were quick to find the humor in the situation.

‘He’ll have a good immune system!’

Comments came pouring in to laugh with Carrie and her innovative little one.

“My stomach hurts from laughing so hard,” one user wrote.

“Oh, thank god it wasn’t the toilet,” another user commented.

“Probably cleaner than drinking from the garden hose! He’ll have a good immune system!” wrote another user.

“Lol, all kids do that! Be glad it was not the toilet!” another parent wrote.

Some TikTokers shared their own similarly horrifying experiences. “Mine used to share our dog’s meals,” one parent laughed.

When it comes to kids, it’s essential to always find a way to laugh — especially because you never know what crazy thing they’ll do next!

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