Mom influencer slammed on TikTok for sharing intimate video of her husband

After posting intimate footage of her husband, a woman faced unexpected backlash.

Jaclyn Gibson, a mom and influencer best known for her Instagram page, had just started posting to TikTok when her audience decided she took it a bit too far.

She shared footage of her husband crying outside, and it went viral with more than 11 million views in just three days. She has since made the video private.

“Told my husband to go outside to take a deep breath and I caught him crying,” she wrote in the clip.

The 8-second video showed her husband, Seth, lying face-down on a lounge chair and wiping tears off his face.

“Sometimes men don’t know how to healthily deal with their emotions due to society’s expectations. Let’s encourage them to feel and release,” Jaclyn said in the caption.

Viewers slammed her for broadcasting what was clearly a tough moment for Seth to such a wide audience.

“Not everything has to be on the Internet,” one wrote.

“Instead of recording him, my first thought would have been to go out and take him tea, offer a hug, rub his head…something soothing,” another said.

“This was such a violation of trust,” a third commented.

In a follow-up video, Jaclyn and Seth addressed the controversy.

“He was not mad at me; he was upset about something else so I told him to take a breather. I absolutely comforted him and encouraged him to go outside. I thought that moment was special so … it was clearly a massive fail,” Jaclyn said.

She added that she had his permission to post the video in the first place.

Seth said that in the video, he just needed to step away from their daughter and work and have a moment to himself.

“So I’m thankful that she knows me that way, that she allowed me to do that,” he said. “As an introvert, you just have to handle things on your own so I never thought I’d go viral for crying on the internet but we did it guys!”

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