Mom’s sneaky juice box hack gets baby to take medicine without a clue: ‘You, ma’am, are genius’

A clever TikTok parent had a genius way to sneakily get her child to drink medicine.


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Tanya Romo (@_brittanyaromo) shared a hilarious video of her crafty method to get her daughter to take her medicine. 

The video — which garnered over 3.8 millions views — shows Romo holding a juice box with a square cut out on the front, to reveal that inside is a small cup holding some liquid medicine. 

Romo carries the juice box over to her daughter with the cut-out side facing Romo. To her daughter, it just looks like a regular juice box! Little does she know that the straw is sitting in a small cup of medicine.

Romo’s daughter sips the “juice” without batting an eye. Mission accomplished!

TikTok parents — and non-parents alike — loved this hack

“Genius. Don’t have a child yet, but I promise you when I do I’m going to remember this,” wrote a prudent not-yet-parent. 

“Why didn’t I think of this when I was trying to give my daughter medicine,” wrote a parent who wished they could turn back time. 

Giving kids medicine isn’t always easy, but sometimes it’s necessary. Luckily there are a few tips and tricks to get little ones positively involved. 

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles suggests giving kids a sense of control over their medicine. For instance, parents can give kids options about how they want to take their medicine (from a spoon or a cup), when they want to take their medicine, and where in the house they want to take it. 

Another great tip is to motivate your child with incentives. You could make a star chart that allows them to collect stars every time they take their medicine, and at a certain number of stars they get a prize of some kind. 
They also recommend adding flavoring when possible, which you can sometimes request from the pharmacist.

But TikTok hacks like this are certainly a big help too!

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