Mom-to-be keeps twins secret during pregnancy, films Grandma’s emotional reaction: ‘How did you hide this?’

The emotional moment a grandmother discovers her daughter has given birth to twins is going viral — and melting hearts around the globe.

Mom and TikToker, Anna Brooks Williams (@annabrookswilliams), somehow managed to keep her twin pregnancy a secret from her entire family — and now, the footage of her mom finding out the truth has gained over 8 million views and nearly 10,000 comments.

And, just like the moving footage of a dad choking up the second he holds his newborn baby, or the mom who captured her husband’s emotional reaction when he sees he has the wrong baby, Anna’s video is tugging on heartstrings everywhere.


 we kept my twins a surprise until they were born. My mom‘s reaction gets me every time. #momsoftiktok #momsover30 #twins #surprise #twinsisters

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In the video, Anna lays in her hospital bed, recovering from the birth, while her mother sits close by, cuddling her newborn grandbaby.

But soon, a nurse rolls in a “special delivery,” which turns out to be Anna’s second baby girl.

Immediately, Grandma gasps and tears up — and thus, a viral video was born.

Some TikTokers, however, wanted to see the footage without any music, and Anna kindly obliged.

Now, the footage has gained a collective 9.6 million views, with thousands of emotional comments.

‘This gave me instant chills…’

TikTokers were quick to share their heartfelt reactions in Anna’s comment section.

“K I needed a feel good TikTok in this moment,” one user wrote.

“Bruhhhhh I just cried like a babyyyy,” another user shared.

“I have goosebumps all over me,” commented one user.

“Anybody else bawling their eyes out?” asked one emotional user.

“Sitting here crying like a grandma,” another user wrote.

“Omg I was not emotionally ready for this,” wrote another user.

“This gave me instant chills. This is so amazing!” commented one user.

“All the feels! What a beautiful moment! Blessings to you and your family!” one user wrote.

For those interested in keeping up with Anna and her lovely family, you can follow them on YouTube as well as on TikTok!

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