Mom kicks out daughter’s boyfriend over his ‘reckless’ birthday party behavior: ‘He ruined the entire party’

A mom kicked her daughter’s boyfriend out of the house over his bad behavior.

She explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The mother has a 14-year-old Lily and a 21-year-old Monica. Monica’s boyfriend is prone to childish behavior but when he ate Lily’s birthday cake, the mom lost it on him. 

“Monica has a boyfriend who visits with her often,” the mom explained. “Because of his increasingly reckless behavior, I’ve set some basic rules and asked him to follow like not touching anything that belongs to Lily. Monica didn’t approve and said I was treating her boyfriend like a child. A few days ago was Lily’s birthday. My sister picked up the cake from the bakery that we pre-ordered. I kept it in the refrigerator until we get finished with preparations. [Later] I opened the refrigerator and saw that someone cut and took a piece of the birthday cake. I was infuriated I figured it was Monica’s boyfriend.” 

She confronted Monica’s boyfriend and he immediately admitted to doing it.

“I screamed at him and he said he was sorry but was hungry,” the mom wrote. “I told him that was my daughter’s birthday cake. I asked if there was literally nothing he could’ve eaten and he said yes there was but really just wanted a piece of that cake because he couldn’t wait. I kept screaming at him that he ruined the entire party. Now Lilly won’t even want to blow the candles when the cake looked like that. He got defensive and said that it didn’t matter if he ate it before Lily blew the candles and that all those ‘birthday party rules’ are lame and people should just eat the ‘freaking’ cake once it arrives. Also said that it wasn’t like he ate the whole thing. I lost it and told him to get out of my house. Monica has been angry with me for how I treated her boyfriend.”  

Reddit users thought the mom was in the right

“I’d ban him from my house entirely under threat of trespassing charges,” someone commented

“If anything you’re underreacting,” another said.

“Save the daughter now,” a person wrote

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