Mom-to-be overhears woman in labor next door: ‘Is it too late to change my mind?’

A mom-to-be overheard a woman in labor, and now she’s questioning everything. 

TikToker Jessica Bailey Hassan was at the hospital for a visit. While awaiting care, she overheard what was happening in the next room. Another mom was in labor, and it didn’t sound pretty. At that moment, it dawned on Hassan that giving birth isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

Luckily, this wasn’t the mother’s first rodeo either. Hassan already has a teenage son. But still, anyone hearing what she heard would be having second thoughts too. 

“The woman next to me is in real, actual labor,” explained Hassan. 

Hassan sat in the hospital room wincing at the sound of a mother in pain on the other side of the wall. She listened intently and gasped in horror. There were sounds of muffled moans and groans. Giving birth did not sound fun or easy. 

She could overhear a nurse saying, “Don’t push. Don’t push.” 

The woman in labor responded with, “It hurts so bad.” 

“Is it too late to change my mind?” Hassan pondered in the caption. 

The video received over 5.6 million views on TikTok

“Why can’t we just lay eggs?” a user joked

“I’m not even pregnant, and I’m scared,” someone commented

“This made me realize I was screaming during labor, and I wonder if I scared anyone,” another said

Fortunately, Hassan gave birth to a happy, healthy baby girl. And it sounds like she had a pretty successful pregnancy. The baby arrived two weeks early and only required “less than 10 minutes of pushing.” 

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