Mom ‘can’t stop laughing’ when daughter doesn’t know how to use her bike’s brakes: ‘I honestly thought she wasn’t coming back’

A mother’s hilarious “mom fail” had her absolutely cracking up at her own daughter. 

Learning to ride a bike is always one of those touching moments between parent and child. The minute a kid takes off without mom or dad securely holding the backseat is the moment they become that much more independent. 


When you’re teaching your kid how to ride a bike but forgot to tell her an important step 😂🤣 #fyp #foyoupage #momfail

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When TikTok mom @freemk and her husband were teaching their daughter how to ride a bike, things took a surprising turn. 

“When you’re teaching your kid how to ride a bike but forgot to tell her an important step #momfail,” @freemk wrote in the caption. 

In the video, her daughter is quite triumphant from the start. The father first pushed the little girl on her purple bike, who quickly began to peddle down the empty suburban street all on her own. 

“I’m doing it!” she exclaimed

Then @freemk realized something as her daughter began to pedal further and further away. 

“She doesn’t know how to stop!” the mother hollered

“You got to turn around!” the father shouted

The little girl kept going, and her mother just kept laughing. Whenever @freemk tried to call to her daughter, only laughter came out. Eventually, the tiny biker tried to turn around and tipped over. Still, she threw her hands in the air feeling victorious. 

The video racked up over 1.7 million views. 

“I honestly thought she wasn’t coming back,” one person joked.

“The little arm raise at the end. OMG,” another said.

“I love how the mom is trying to yell out to her but can’t stop laughing,” a user wrote.

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