Mom explains why she let her 4-year-old pee in her car: ‘I let her make her own choice’

A four-year-old had an accident in her mother’s car and learned a life lesson because of it. 

TikToker Amanda Bouldin shared the important reason why she didn’t stop her daughter from peeing in the vehicle.

Bouldin is a podcaster and influencer who shares her experiences with motherhood. She has 1.3 million TikTok followers who tune in to see how she navigates life with her husband Blake and their three daughters, Paige, Corie and London. 

“So I’m going to tell you why I let my four-year-old pee in my car. My four-year-old loves cartoons in the morning,” Bouldin explained. “I ask her every day before we leave to go to the bathroom. And every morning she fights me on it.” 

When her daughter resisted going to the bathroom one day, Bouldin let her skip the necessary step. Then, on the 45-minute car ride to school, the little girl had an accident. 

“She pees everywhere. Did I think this would happen? Yes. Did I hope it wouldn’t? Yes. But I don’t get mad at her. I wanted her to make this mistake in a controlled environment,” Bouldin said. 

The mom knew that the school had extra clothes for accidents and that she had enough time to deal with the issue. So Bouldin let the lesson unfold, even if it got a little messy. 

“I wasn’t going to shame her for going to the bathroom,” the mom explained. “But I said, ‘This is why mommy says to go before we leave. Mommy wants to help you. That’s why I ask you to do that.’ I let her make a choice so she could see what would happen. She learned something.” 

Now, the four-year-old has agreed to go before school because Bouldin “let her make her own choice, and now she knows to go.” 

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