Mom makes adorable ‘sock monsters’ to teach kids to put away their dirty socks

This TikTok mom has a clever hack for getting kids to clean up their socks, and parents all over the internet love it!

Teaching kids to pick up after themselves can feel like an uphill battle. But getting kids, and in some cases adults, to keep their socks in order is a special kind of challenge.

Luckily TikTok parent, Julie Story (@juliestory), shared one of her favorite DIY hacks “to cut down on lost socks.” 


Mom hack! Tired of the kids losing their dirty socks? DIY sock monster they will love to “feed.” 😂 Enjoy! #diy #momhack #momhacks #diycrafts #diykids

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The clip is garnering attention for Story’s creative but straightforward solution for keeping sock casualties to a minimum. “So four years ago, I got super tired of running around the house trying to find all their socks to wash them,” explains Story. “I had tried setting aside a bag or telling my kids to put their socks in the laundry. That didn’t work.” So the clever parent came up with the ultimate creation: The sock monster.

After pausing for dramatic effect, Story reveals a green, pom pom-covered box with an indignant expression and gaping mouth. “This is a monster that eats socks. He gets really hungry and can only eat dirty socks. Which means they need to feed him every day,” she explains. Now Story’s kids come home excited to feed their sock monster who conveniently dwells in the shoe closet. 

The clip then cuts to a step-by-step tutorial in which Story shows viewers how to make their own sock monster creation. 

Beginning with a basic shoebox, she cuts out a hole on top to form the mouth. Story then customizes the box with paint. While the paint dries, she coordinates the monster’s facial features using felt cutouts. Be sure to make the monster’s eyebrows extra “hangry!” Story finishes off the job with some pom poms and a hot glue gun. 

Even though this hack was intended for children, the comments show that people of all ages appreciate a cool organization tip. 

“I’m not a mom, but that was super smart! Good job!” raves one TikTok user. 

“Well, this is brilliant! I’m going to do this when I have kids! I swear!” another viewer replied enthusiastically.  
Making daily chores fun for kids is a great way to get them to participate willingly. And while “fun” may not be the first word that comes to mind when keeping up clutter, it’s clear that cleaning and creativity go hand-in-hand! 

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