Mom gives hilarious tour of family’s home decor: ‘Dog hair ties it all together’

A standup comedian and mom gave a rousing tour of her home’s entry room. She roasted just about every choice her family made. 

Anyone with a sense of humor knows that families provide some of the best material. In a warm, maternal voice, TikToker Jody Carroll gave her followers an inside look at her home. But the tone of her voice was comically incongruent to the setting.

“Your entry space is the first impression. Choose design elements that say, ‘Welcome to my home,'” Caroll said with a smile. 

She opened the front door and let the cameras in. There was quite a bit of clutter. Shoes, boxes, clothes and other items were strewn about. 

“Nothing says ‘welcome in’ like some items of interest displayed on your area rug,” she remarked. “Like a dog collar, some fruit snacks, some tape — and the dog hair kind of ties it all together.” 

Carroll moved over to the area under the stairs, where people dumped their shoes and stray clothing items. She called it the “farmhouse-chic area.” 

“Something we featured in this space is a black bucket with an empty Amazon box on top and a croquet wicket leaning against there. How cute is that?” she said. 

The next section of the entry room featured a bench. Carroll claimed it was “on trend” to leave random things on it. 

“Here, we have a dog toy hanging off the edge,” the comedian said. “That causes some design tension. I’m in love with this water bottle, sunscreen and magazine display.” 

The final part of the tour was a look at the staircase that some family members had converted into a storage space. 

“Use your stairs to decorate,” she advised. “Right here, we have a darling basket full of laundry, and here are some games that the kids left out.” 

The relatable clip received over 2.5 million views. 

“For once I’m on trend,” someone declared

“HGTV had better recognize,” another joked

“Wow, I didn’t realize I was such a good interior designer,” a person commented

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