Mom nearly gets arrested when son’s prank goes very wrong in Dollar Tree: ‘This kid is saying that you kidnapped him’

This TikTok parent’s prank challenge with her son almost ended in her arrest!

Olivia Mason (@oliviamasonh) is a mom who recently shared a hilarious video in which she challenged her son to “embarrass her in public.”

The video, which racked up 9.6 million views and counting, hilariously backfired when Olivia’s son pretended to be kidnapped, nearly leading to Olivia’s arrest!


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The video begins with Olivia and her son at home. Olivia’s son sits beside her as Olivia explains the rules of the prank challenge. “Me and my son just made a bet,” she explains. “He said that he’s going to try to embarrass me in public when we go to the store. I told him I would give him $20 if he can embarrass me in public. I’m not easily embarrassed so we’ll see how this goes.”

Next, Olivia and her son sit in their car outside of a dollar store. Olivia, undaunted by the prospect of being embarrassed, turns back to her son and asks, “You ready?”

“Yes!” he enthusiastically replies. 

Together, Olivia and her son enter the store. At first, Olivia’s son seems unsure what to do. “Go ahead,” Olivia encourages him as they walk down an aisle. “You ain’t doing nothing. You’re not embarrassing.” 

In response, Olivia’s son starts doing a goofy dance. Unfortunately for him, Olivia doesn’t embarrass that easily. “That’s not embarrassing,” she replies. “You gotta do better than that.” 

Moments later, Olivia’s son runs off and disappears. Olivia continues wandering around the store, filming herself as she wonders aloud where her son has gone. 

Suddenly, a store employee flags her down. “What’s your name?” the employee asks her. 

“Why?” she asks. 

From offscreen, Olivia’s son yells, “She kidnapped me!” 

At the same time, the employee replies, “This kid is saying that you kidnapped him.” 

Taken aback, Olivia tries to tell the employee about the prank challenge, explaining that she’s recording a TikTok video as they speak. 

But Olivia’s son doesn’t back down from the prank. “She’s lying!” he cries. 

“I’m going to call the police,” the employee says. 

The video ends as Olivia tries, once again, to explain that she’s just making a funny TikTok video

Olivia’s video had viewers cracking up and even applauding her son’s creative prank

“The fact that he went from dancing funny straight to kidnapped!” one viewer responded. 

“He got you good. I’m crying,” another TikToker replied. 

“She said embarrass, not get arrested!” joked another viewer. 

Fortunately, Olivia did not end up getting arrested. In a follow-up video, she explained that she eventually managed to show the employee the TikTok video she was recording, and convince him of the misunderstanding. 

Olivia’s son also came out on top. Even though he nearly got her arrested, Olivia was true to her word, and awarded her son his well-deserved $20!

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