Mom of 11 shares laundry routine on TikTok, and it’s too real

TikToker Britni Church (@ourlargefamilylife) has logged more than 883,000 views with her laundry-sorting video, and users have loads of questions.

Church has more than 1.7 million followers on the video platform, so there are plenty of TikTok users who know quite a bit about the supermom’s daily life. But there’s one thing that her viewers have always wondered: What does the laundry process look like for a family of 13 (with one on the way)?


Reply to @shell599 step 1: sorting into piles! I wish I was this fast 😅 look at my big belly #ourlargefamilylife #laundrymountain

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Church decided to give her followers a glimpse into the folding process. If you love organizing, get ready to meet your match. 

The first step, according to Church, is sorting the clothes. The clip shows a time-lapse of the sorting process, with Church planted within a massive mountain range of clothing, folding each item one by one. 

Many TikTok users were impressed by the persistence needed to take on such a task.

“It takes me 5-7 days to do my own laundry. I couldn’t imagine,” wrote one user.

“And I complain about doing laundry for 4,” wrote another wowed TikToker.

‘Why are you doing laundry alone?’

Other users had some questions for Church, regarding the pile itself as well as the process. 

“If you have 11 kids, why are you doing laundry alone?” asked a practical TikTok user. 

According to Church, six of her kids do their own laundry, but she does the laundry for her five younger kids. Plus, baby No. 12 (who is due in July, according to Church’s TikTok bio) also has some clothes in the pile, and the busy mom is taking that on herself.

Another user asked the question on everyone’s mind: How long does it take to sort through a pile like that? 

Church posted a response, saying that after an hour and a half, a lot of the clothes were sorted into piles. She also said that the pile shown in the video isn’t a typical laundry pile for the family. 

“This is a couple months coming,” Church wrote in a comment. “[This pile is] definitely not a weekly thing. Just being honest with you all.”

“I do about two loads of laundry a day, Church wrote. “It just doesn’t get folded.” 

Who can blame her? With 11 kids, you’ve got to know when to fold ‘em, and know when to walk away!

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