Mom on TikTok shares genius baby teething hack (that’s also super easy!)

A TikTok mom shared a helpful baby teething hack that will make the lives of new parents and babies so much easier. 

Teething is a major milestone for babies. Baby’s first teeth will typically make their grand entrance between 4 and 7 months, according to WebMD.

While every baby experiences teething differently, some common signs and symptoms of the process include drooling, biting, swollen or tender gums, irritability and crying or whining. Teething can also be painful for little ones, which is tough to see as a parent. But there are plenty of ways to relieve your baby’s teething pain and your stress. 

TikToker and mom Taylor Eskridge (@taymarieesk) shared a super easy teething hack that parents can do with items they probably already have at home!


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Eskridge demonstrates how she uses squeezable baby food to create small dollops on a cookie sheet. She then places the pan in the freezer for about an hour, or until the dots of baby food have frozen. Once ready, she takes out the pan and puts the frozen food dots into a bowl for her baby. 

“It’s a super yummy snack that’s nice and cold on their gums. They melt very quickly and they taste super good,” Eskridge said in the video. What more could you ask for? 

“I just got outta my bed at 1:44am to make these,” wrote one very eager parent. 

“Just made this for my daughter thank you for posting!” wrote another very appreciative TikTok parent.

“1 for baby, 10 for mommy,” wrote another parent who seems more interested in eating the frozen yogurt bites themself!

This hack is in line with expert recommendations of giving your baby something cold to soothe their gums. According to WebMD, something like a cold pacifier, spoon or a clean wet washcloth will also do the trick.

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