Mom praised for response to son’s ‘appalling’ in-school behavior: ‘This is a brilliant punishment’

A wealthy mom discovered her son was bullying kids who were less affluent, so she decided to teach him a lesson. 

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if she had taken things too far after the boy’s father got upset. The mom believes her son has no reason to be proud of the wealth he was merely born into and placed new limits on his luxury lifestyle. 

“I’m pretty well off, I work in tech. my son’s father is extremely wealthy and the court order for child support is enough to pay for the best for my son,” she explained. “I found out from school administration just this month that my son had been bullying several students for being less wealthy… for being dropped off at school in a budget sedan, for having name brands clothes that are not as expensive as other name brands. I was appalled by his behaviors. I had a talk with him about how this was wrong and also about how it’s not something that he should have any personal pride in. He has no job, no savings, no investments, no wealth of his own. By totally random chance he happened to be born into good circumstances. And that’s it.”

The school is making her son apologize to the people he bullied, but she had a few punishments of her own. 

“I also decided that this year, we’re thrift shopping for clothes. No more brand name sneakers or clothes. And rather than driving him to school and activities in the Porsche or the Jaguar, I’m driving him everywhere in my ’92 jeep that was one of my first cars,” she said. “For any activities he joins, he can borrow club equipment instead of getting his own bought. He was really upset about it all, especially being driven to school and activities in the Jeep. He said that it was causing problems with his friends, he was looking bad at school, his friends’ parents didn’t want their kids getting in such an old vehicle with no doors. He also said that it was embarrassing him for me to pretend he’s poor.” 

Although his father has been largely absent for the childbearing process, he disapproved of the mother’s actions. 

“Apparently word had gotten around his circles that his son was being driven around town in ‘a junker’ and that I was making him use the club gear for sports instead of his own,” she wrote. “And that was not a fair punishment because ‘impressions matter’ and it will affect the rest of his life.”

Reddit users believed the mom’s lesson was valuable.

“This is a brilliant punishment,” one user wrote

“This will affect him for the rest of his life, but not in a bad way. Humility needs to be taught,” another said

“As someone who was previously bullied, I think it’s great you’re teaching your son it’s not ok to bully anyone,” someone commented

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